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It's time to celebrate! Party platters can be delectable works of beauty that feed and impress large crowds. These Toffee party trays will have your loved ones drooling with delight, whether for a birthday, anniversary, Bar/Bat mitzvah, holiday, or another celebration. Make a statement with beautiful toffee party platters with an assortment of all five of our toffee types! Swap out the traditional sweets and chocolates for more modern toffee treats fit for a king or queen. Our rich, delectable dark chocolate toffee is handcrafted with all-natural ingredients and shipped fresh to your door.



Choose from our two sizes:

12” Platter: feeds 30 - 35 people. $110.00

16” Platter: feeds 60 - 80 people  $175.00

Toffee bags and toffee platter


Toffee party platters bring delight and fun to any occasion, whether you're trying to convey appreciation to your family members, friends, colleagues or clients -  these toffee trays impress every audience.



Foodies and non-foodies alike love our Toffee assortment, whether it's for Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's, an anniversary party, birthday celebration, christening, baby shower, sweet sixteen, graduations, or a work lunch with clients. Our Toffee party trays are ready to be sent and readily devoured.

for more information, contact:

Lisa Dreher


Toffee bags and toffee platter

Party Platters Delivery Options:

  • Free Sparta, NJ Pickup Option:  Customer can come to Sparta and we will arrange a pickup location 

  • Free Local Delivery for Sparta, NJ orders

  • Delivery Charge Outside of Sparta:  

    • Within 5 miles outside of Sparta:  $5

    • Within 10 miles outside of Sparta:  $10

    • Within 25 miles outside of Sparta:  $20


Party Platter Shipping Options:


To maintain the integrity of our product during shipping, we will ship a “deconstructed platter” to you which will include the following:

  • Party Platter and Dome Lid

  • Loose pieces of our handcrafted toffee in separate packages for each flavor

    • Loose toffee will be labeled by flavor

    • Product information cards for each flavor to be displayed by the platters

    • Ingredients and Nutrition Label

    • Instruction on assembling the platter and storing the toffee

    • A pair of food handling gloves


Assembling the platters:

  • Remove loose toffee from the package and arrange the loose toffee in the platter to create four evenly distributed sections

  • The toffee will already be broken into individually sized serving pieces

  • Once all flavors are placed on the platter in four quadrants, make any adjustments needed so that the platter is covered fully and there is a uniform look across flavors


Prior to your event, we recommend storing the assembled toffee platter in a cool dry place or refrigerator.

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