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Preparing, Promoting and Executing Fundraisers

With the advancement of technology, it has never been easier to raise money for a myriad of causes and finding fundraising ideas online. From school fundraisers to sports fundraisers, there is a plethora of ideas online on how to conduct fundraisers.

When thinking about organizing a fundraiser, it is important to not become too overwhelmed on meeting a specific financial goal. Though some fundraisers may be the primary source of income for someone’s medical bills, new uniforms, after school activities, etc., the keys to organizing a successful one does not simple revolve around money.

Platforms for fundraising are now more abundant than ever thanks to the internet and social media. Certain health-related fundraisers have DonorPerfect and other charitable fundraisers have Network for Good, just to name two. GoFundMe and Kickstarter are also a pair of prominent names when it comes to raising money for a cause.

School Fundraisers and Sports Fundraisers

Choosing an online platform that is right for your fundraiser is a good first step, but laying out a core message along with proper visuals and potentially other links is what can make it even more reputable. For example, if it is a fundraiser for school, maybe raising money for the arts program, having multiple pictures of students’ artwork on the display is key. Explaining why the school district or state is not able to fund the program further also appeals to the reader’s (and potential donor’s) emotions.

Doing research to see if this is happening in other areas and posting links to stories puts this school fundraiser in perspective with others. Conducting research could also grow connections and increase the chances of spurring change on a larger scale, thus having more people visit the school fundraiser platform and donate. Sports fundraisers to purchase new equipment or help with transportation to various games are also commonly seen and have the chance to attract an audience outside of a specific school or area.

Fundraising Ideas

If the fundraiser is in-person, the same types of preparation is necessary. Having pictures, a knowledge on why the fundraiser has been started and the target goal of it is key to having people not only donate, but encourage others to. Aside from fundraisers for school and sports fundraisers, the medical fundraisers are some of the most prominent ones.

When thinking of fundraising ideas, online may be the way to kick something off and follow up with in-person events, according to statistics from Double the Donation. In 2021, according to the statistics, Gen X and Millennial donors were most inspired to give through social media, while the Baby Boomers were attracted most by email. The way they preferred to donate was resoundingly online with their debit or credit cards.

Businesses participating in school fundraisers or searching for their own fundraising ideas can certainly help a company’s public image and also be a valued resource for a group of individuals in need of money. Earlier this year, we donated 20 percent of our online sales to Teens Against Cancer, a student-led organization that works diligently to support organizations like Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and American Cancer Society through education and fundraising.

Jane Conboy, one of the Board of Directors members for Teens Against Cancer said some of the students added an extra touch of kindness on the orders for those who bought our toffee and had proceeds go to the group.

"Thank you again so much, Lisa! Everything was so beautifully packed. I had the students add handwritten thank you notes to each of our people. II can't believe that the fundraiser went so well and these 2 organizations are going to get a nice gift. Well, I can believe it because the toffee is so amazing."

Not only does fundraising help a brand name or product gain more notice, but being a supportive outlet for organizations can take their fundraiser into the next level. Though school fundraisers, sports fundraisers and medical fundraisers are some of the main options, there are a variety of other fundraising ideas that anyone can utilize.

For example, if someone is looking to get their career in the media industry started, creating a fundraiser for audio and visual equipment with a message about their longstanding passion for the arts can be very impactful and others who have made it in the entertainment industry could want to donate or share and pay it forward.

Another fundraising idea could be organizing a charitable trip and seeing what travel expenses could be funded. Having people see a group is setting out to do good in the world but needs some help paying for buses, planes or other travel expenses could easily gain traction from established philanthropic individuals.

While no fundraiser is ever guaranteed to exceed or even meet expectations, keeping the above preparations in mind and simply promoting the idea of why people should donate will surely get the ball rolling.



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