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Exciting News to Share

As summer draws to a close and there is a crisp morning chill in the air, I am thrilled to be starting off this new season by launching three brand new flavors that I have been working to perfect this past year. This month, on our website, in our flagship store in Ringwood, NJ, and at markets and expos throughout the tristate area, we will be introducing Cinnamon Cashew & Dark Chocolate, Roasted Chickpea & Dark Chocolate, and Toasted Corn Nut & Dark Chocolate toffees. These three brand new toffee flavors are unique, decadent, and delicious, and I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks when they taste them!

How I Develop Toffee Flavors

When I started this business four years ago, we had just three toffees that we were offering. That number soon grew to five, and now it’s hard to believe that we have eight different toffees for sale! With each new flavor, I truly go through a creative process that dates back to my teenage years when my love for both cooking and baking began blossoming. Even then, I had a meticulous way of building upon one ingredient at a time. So today, when I am devising new recipes for our toffees, I still start by adding components one by one and tasting each step of the way. I have to admit, I have a knack for knowing which ingredients pair well together, and I rarely experiment without having a good picture in mind of what the end product will be!

From Fresh Ingredients to the Finished Product

When I am working with a new idea, I usually hit the right proportions of ingredients pretty quickly. If something doesn’t meet my standards after a few attempts, I spend time thinking through the next iteration, sometimes even putting it on hold until I feel inspired again. Yet perhaps the most crucial part of each new flavor’s evolution is the quality of what goes into the toffee. From the butter, to the chocolate, and even the salt, I never compromise! The nuts (and now corn and/or chickpeas) are of course the star ingredients, but they need a little love from their plain state with the richness of all that surrounds them. We are all about adding the love!

Try Some Toffee Today

The new flavors are available in our online store in single bags, variety samplers, or in a brand new build-your-own customized box. (Nut-free customers will especially enjoy the Roasted Chickpea or Toasted Corn Nut options) And if you live in the tristate area, be sure to stop by one of our markets or expos or stop in and visit us in our new flagship store.



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